is a place open for everyone, dedicated to lucidity.

Why LUCY ?

Mankind is putting itself in danger because of unconsciousness. By altering our relationship to what surrounds us as well as to each other, we have created ways of living which are becoming more than ever unbearable for ourselves, whilst destroying life around us.
Questioning these relationships, and therefore the thinking processes that are affecting them, is the responsibility of each one of us. This questioning is necessary to discover a sane and sustainable way of living, in which one could at the same time flourish and protect.
This ability to question, too often asleep, forgotten or even avoided, is however our chance.

It can awaken for the good of everyone, and allow us to change course, for it brings about right action.

Consciousness does not fall from the sky. We can become conscious together, with a courageous and active work, in the mirror held by our interrelations. We must therefore have places, spaces, that are dedicated to this, strongly established within society.

This is why we have conceived LUCY, a place open for everyone and dedicated to lucidity, whose development will be undertaken by the LUCY Institute endowment fund.

Our objective is that LUCY be established in each French region, within 3 years.

the prototype of LUCY, a miniature version (18 m2)                                                                                                                                                                                           

What is LUCY ?

LUCY is a dome surrounded by gardens. It is an original place, open to all, in which the visitors will discover a selection of audio broadcast words of wisdom, especially conducive to questioning. One can also discover there :

  • public talks or conferences (also organised in the gardens or outside LUCY).`
  • a mini-library : an available selection of inspiring works, conducive to see clearly
  • moments of silence and quietness, but also broadcasting of music**
  • moments  dedicated to discovering the method and steps of construction of LUCY (which could be a form of housing for tomorrow).
  • moments dedicated for children and young people on the theme "What is attention" ?
  • photographic exhibitions**

Access to LUCY will be free (with invitation to support the LUCY Institute endowment fund). Life at LUCY will be animated by a guardian, who will be the core of the place.

What LUCY is not :

  • LUCY is not affiliated to any movement, whether it be religious, political, ideological, or esoteric.
  • LUCY is not dedicated to activities and methods of self-development.
  • LUCY does not aim at creating a community.

Who are the founders of LUCY ?

LUCY is an initiative of Yannis Baziz and Marie Planchard, parents  of a young Sacha.

We have made the bet to stop our respective professional activites (musician/composer and producer) and to sell the studio where we lived in Paris, to concentrate fully on opening the LUCY Institute, whose purpose seems to us absolutely primordial.

We will however put the result of these activities to the service of the endowment fund (see page "Getting to know us").


We know that the bet of opening these places dedicated to ludicity is made against the part of each one which prefers to stay asleep, unconscious, and whose projection yields the current face of the society. We however think and feel that the time has come for these places to take shape, that their emergence will represent strong signals of hope and responsibility, and that they will be a beacon in the face of the forthcoming challenges. For light and unity come out of lucidity.


Where is LUCY's first prototype located ?

Within the "Parc de la Corniche" (Corniche Park), a luxuriant natural space, located 300 meters from the sea, on the littoral of the Morlaix bay. The works have already begun (see page "About the dome").

Why a dome ?

We have imagined and partly self-built LUCY's prototype (in a miniature version of 18m2, see above). Its round shape, the beauty and breathability of the natural materials immediately bring a peaceful atmosphere, favourable to quietness and reunion.

The direction of LUCY : lucidity and sensitivity

Within LUCY, we will gather the fruits of the observations made by the most perceptive and free minds of our time. Observations, among others,  of the soil, the plants, the children, the links between the crises that shake the planet, or also of the human brain, origin of all these crises.

By free minds, we mean those who were able to observe without conformism, without fear of public opinion, or without quest of personal benefit, for instance.

In other words, sensitive minds that have questioned themselves.

Through these questionings, and with this ability of seeing clearly in oneself, we can generate right relationships, objective words, initiatives that are turned towards the good of all.  

Goodness is with no doubt what we need the most, in front of the harmful disorder of the world. It seems that an awakening can occur by confronting the actual situation of the planet, by questioning the human mind (our own, therefore), but also by being in contact with beauty, because it can help end anesthesia.

This is, therefore, what we will be working towards within LUCY.

Presentation of the LUCY Institute

The LUCY project is undertaken by the endowment fund LUCY Institute

The provisional timetable of the LUCY Institute :

Autumn 2021 : inception of the endowment fund, first reunion of the Advisory Committee.

Year 2022 : gathering of the financial means necessary for the project

End of 2022 : opening of the LUCY pilot.


Year 2023 : formation of the guardians, land acquisition and establishment of LUCY in the various regions.


Year 2024 : public opening.

The objectives of the LUCY Institute :

Our objective is that LUCY be established in each French region, within 3 years.

What are the means of funding of the Institute ?

  • Endowment incomes ;
  • Public donations ;
  • Organisation of concerts for the benefit of the Institute ,

The statutes of the endowment fund are available on demand.